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Hey, hey everybody! This week’s episode of Let’s Talk About It has hosts Ken Greller and Alex Bedder tackling the massive, important, landmark NYT piece “What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Film”, aka the “Sunset Boulevard” of our generation. After debating if Paul Schrader or Lindsay Lohan is crazier, the boys chit chat about a high school boyfriend with a promising career in adult entertainment, and that pesky Azealia Banks and the no good , very bad slur debacle.

Then the pair are joined by the talented playwright and wonder woman Mallery Avidon, who will weigh in with her complicated relationship with Lena Dunham’s Golden Globe snatching, HBO hit series Girls. What’s it like to be a writer in the age of Hannah Horvath? Is there such a thing as a lost “Catalano Generation”? How many times will they say “privilege”? Nepotism?! Find out when they talk about it.

a video of a performance about Mike Daisey

America’s Next Top Model Season 18 Episode 3 Kat Deeley

The british girls are picking on the fat girl

"when I was a super model back in the day"

Tyra is talking about her book again!!!!

And then she gave all the girls capes because they are super model superheros 

and then renamed them all with their “intoxibella” names

One of them is named: Exite-To-Buy 


Zagilicious (It’s totally me I’m such a little rebel)




I hope this is like the VH1 shows and they call them this all the time for the rest of the season.

"Hey Zagalicious"

"Yeah What’s Up Exotica?"

"Oh nothing I was just wondering if you’d seen Next-Doorsia today?"

"Oh yeah I think she went shopping with 30-Never and Andro-Genia"

In show ad for VERY a shopping website I’ve never heard of. The girls have to make ad campaigns for it.  And art direct their photo shoot. OH and they can use their Virgin Mobile phones to do it. Two Ads in One!!!

Now they’re at Universal Studios Prop House

The concept is London Imperialism and Punk Culture meets London so

These Virgin Mobile phones are awesome

Luxury is not something you can buy?????

Cover Girl Ad

American Concept: Punk Love

There’s Graffiti in The Background! That’s so punk rock!

"These girls don’t know what punk rock is!" (a Brit)

"sell the clothes not your body"

And the British team is 60’s Mod. So they have Roses. 

"It’s an interesting shot but I feel like you’re posing for the camera."


And a Brit Quit!

And so no one got sent home. Shocking.

This show is Terrible.

I Just Want My Pants Back Season 1 Episode 9 Love Equation


a found text poem

well fuck me

my thoughts that I’ve been thinking

everybody lies


I Just Want My Pants Back Season 1 Episode 8 Blackout


a found text poem

let the mocking begin

it’s in Bushwick

it’s a little far

we’re kind of like pioneers out there

freshly cut cut-offs 

I was feeling crafty

is this still America?

we could loot but all the good stuff’s probably gone by now

if we had a kid we’d have to change everything 

nice bikes





The bachelor ended like this. To the surprise of NO ONE AT ALL.

“Let us leave pretty women to men with no imagination.”— Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time, Vol. 5

The bachelor ended like this. To the surprise of NO ONE AT ALL.


“Let us leave pretty women to men with no imagination.”
— Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time, Vol. 5

90210 Season 4 Episode 17 Babes in Toyland

This is Beverly Hills 90210 for the 21st Century.

This is season 4. They’re already in college. If I actually tried to explain the story lines of this show it would take forever. A lot has happened. It’s a teen soap! Just assume everyone has slept with everyone.

In this episode:

The artsy one is deciding whether or not to be a “street artist” will she or won’t she wheatpaste??? (and by wheatpaste I mean stencil and by will she or won’t she I mean that hot guy thinks she should do Street Art so she’s totes gonna and then they’re totes gonna run from the cops and then they’re totes gonna make out behind a dumpster)

The-newly-rich-one (the used-to-be-poor-one the “Brenda Walsh” one) is trying to convince a spoiled rich kid to do good with his money and he’s trying to convince her to be a spoiled rich kid. (They’re starting a hand bag business for charity! I mean OBVIOUSLY)

The always-rich-spoiled-one is starting a party planning business and lies to her clients and says she has an office at an address she makes up and then she goes to the address and it’s a sex shop and so she buys everything in the shop and hires the girls who work there to pretend to be the staff and redecorates it overnight for her presentation and then gets the job but then her sister goes out with the dude and he forgets his wallet and the spoiled one ends up in a latex body suit getting arrested. (Of course everything works out in the end! Thanks to some good old fashioned blackmail!)

the-used-to-be-crazy-one gets in to NYU and has to get vaccinated and the doctor reminds her that everyone she is related to died of breast cancer so she should get a test and this makes her realize that life is too short to go to college!!!

Man this is amazing.

Dialogue from the street art story-line:

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life hiding in a gallery"

"I think you’re scared I just don’t know if it’s of getting caught or of getting close to me"

The-used-to-be-famous one and The-used-to-be-a-drug-addict one are trying to get a record deal but the psycho girlfriend of the-bad-boy one messes up the meeting because she’s trying to make the bad boy famous. It’s confusing. 

All of it is confusing.

And Terrible.


Whitney Season 1 Episode 18 Homeland Security

Special K joke

Sad woman in a wedding dress

chelsea handler joke

Incest Joke

Ok I laughed: Someone tries to mug them and Whitney runs away and her dude and the mugger just stare after her and then the mugger says “wow”. That’s the funniest this show has ever been.

warped tour joke

Maria Menounos joke


America’s Next Top Model Season 18 Episode 2 Kris Jenner

"I’m a proud strong Native American woman we are the original people of this land and the British Came over a lot of killings happened a lot of massacres happened a lot of Native Americans were taken out I can already see where like our cultures combined if drama is brought to me and it needs to be dealt with like I’ll deal with it."

"Mariah’s a Native American I don’t think we have them in england and if we do they’re on the lowdown"

"it’s not makeovers it’s shakeovers"

"If you want this competition bad enough you’ll just take what you get"

Covergirl Commercial Covergirl Commercial!

they gave one of the american girls red white and blue hair

"over here in the usa we don’t have queens so she needs to pull it together"

They make them eat American Food and British Food

But only super gross things.

pigs feet

blood pudding



"I’m gonna go to McDonald’s if I go to London. I’m not eating that shit." 

For the photo shoot they are posing as TODDLERS with the Kardashian’s Mom and the younger less famous Kardashians

"It’s hard to be a baby and sexy and modelly"

Kris Jenner feeds one of them BABY FOOD 

"Kris Jenner is the Creator of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s"…what does that MEAN exactly?

(also the winner gets a Single! Anyone can be a singer! Among all the other prizes)

"I see you being a little too concious…you have to be a baby and then you have to remember you’re a model right now you’re just a model."

They keep telling grown women they don’t look like babies.


"I will announce which toddler is getting a permanent time out."

Tyra you have outdone yourself in racial insensitivity and weird gross infantilization

So So Terrible


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 13 Episode 16 Child’s Welfare

"They Left a Baby Here? What’s Wrong With People?"

"The last time your brother showed up he almost cost you your shield"

"I think we need to go talk to that clerk."

This is the cop show about sex crimes.

These are called procedurals. 

chases up fire escapes suck.